Chelsea, 24, living in Idaho, Sheriff's Deputy, Army National Guard. My favorite things are horses and guns and cats. I also like nature, photography, and history. Feel free to send me messages!

Windham Armory .308
Pretty unique rifle, not bad looking.

One of my firearms instructors was being kind of a smart ass, told me to shoot the black dot and put both shots in the same hole. So I did… And then I did it again with two more shots.

So if all else fails I’m just going to give up being a cop and be a professional bullseye shooter.

I feel like such a shitty girlfriend/wife/domestic partner… Whatever I am. My boyfriend’s birthday is today and I’ve been so busy with work and school I spaced it and didn’t buy or make him anything.

He told me not worry about it, that he’s perfectly happy spending time with family, which we’re having dinner with his parents tonight. But still…

I guess it’s mostly that I’m mad at myself for not realizing it was his birthday already, until the other day when he told me we’d be having dinner with his parents.

I’m pretty sure the answer is A.

Guys this is like my fav pic of him

@lotusgunworkssf Ruger SP101 Deluxe.